The "SWITCH ON" project is an innovative educational program aimed at individuals aged 55 and over, designed to improve their integration and development in the work environment. The program consists of three main elements:

1. E - COURSEBOOK - a practical compendium of knowledge consisting of three modules:
   - Module A: Guidelines for coaching work in the field of intergenerational communication and management.
   - Module B: 30 class scenarios focusing on innovative methods and tools for personal development and social inclusion of people aged 55+.
   - Module C: Case studies - examples of good practices in age management in organizations.

2. POWER BOX - a set of 60 coaching cards, divided into four areas of work: integration, affirmation, development, and emotions. The cards aim to support the independent development of a 55+ employee, improve communication and integration in the work environment, as well as prevent burnout syndrome.

3. E–GAME ROOM - a free platform for creating quizzes, serving as a healthy competition and team integration tool, as a method of activating people aged 55+ during workshops.

The project allows for the use of the program both in a traditional (stationary) form and remotely, via an educational platform.


E-COURSEBOOK is an e-book available for download in pdf format with free usage rights.

Module A.
Tips in Coaching Communication and Management of Intergenerational Teams. This module will provide coaches with knowledge related to dealing with diverse cultural habits, various negotiation and communication techniques, relationships, ceremonial, and methods of dealing with stress across generations.

Module B.
30 lesson plans containing lesson plans for use in non-formal education aimed at personal and social development and inclusion of people 55+. Scenario topics:
1. Positive communication
2. Conflict resolution
3. Dealing with stress
4 Good habits - work on change
5 Proactivity - take matters into your own hands

Module C.
Case Study - examples of good practices in age management in organizations. The module including job crafting and wellbeing on the example of Dutch companies. It will show problems faced by organizations and examples of their solutions.

E-COURSEBOOK will have a practical character, focused on preparing the staff to be able to convey messages in an accessible way and to help people 55+ in their inclusion in the working environment and in the development of soft skills.


The POWER BOX consists of 60 coaching cards. They are divided into 4 subject areas.  Its purpose is to sustain the effects developed during the workshop as part of the independent work of team members.

POWER BOX helps in self-development of employees 55+ and supports their positive communication and inclusion in the work environment, while minimizing the risk of professional burnout syndrome, building motivation and internal commitment of the multigenerational team.

We will develop 60 coaching cards under the topics of integrationaffirmationdevelopment and emotions

The cards come in the form of short tasks and golden thoughts to help employees grow and integrate into their team.

Materials included in the POWER BOX will be made available electronically. This way, everyone will be able to download them, print them out and use them with their team.


E-GAME ROOM will help integrate multi-generational teams at a distance.
It is a learning platform for creating and sharing quizzes. The platform is free and available to anyone.

E-GAME ROOM is an online learning platform for quizzes. It allows you to have fun together and integrate your team (even a remote working team).

It will be a team-based form of online entertainment where you can test your knowledge in 4 different areas: European cinema, sport in Europe, EU geography, music by European artists or create your own areas and questions about the culture of your workplace, interests of team members etc. 

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