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Spread Your Wings Foundation
For 6 years, the Foundation has been supporting the development of adults in several ways - in its activity approaches a man in a holistic manner. The Foundation has a reach portfolio consisting of: workshops, trainings, presentations, meetings with interesting people, longer training projects, events which connects learning and culture, outdoor development meetings, events implemented in partnership with educational institutions, culture and local governments. The Foundation directs attention where it is less often directed by others. It focuses on deepening contact with oneself and with the world. Trainers reach for old traditions and the latest scientific achievements. The team is a group of trainers, so a special place in the Foundation's activity is devoted to extending competences useful in this profession.

The Foundation has been running the Holistic School of Coaches for many years, thus educating many competent trainers and coaches to work with adults in terms of interpersonal, professional and personal development. The project aims at people who want to broaden their professional and personal perspective in many dimensions and are ready to go beyond the classic coaching training template.

The Foundation's most important goal is to create opportunities for development through the implementation of the following:
  • professional skills development workshops,
  • personal development workshops,
  • social skills workshops and trainings,
  • conferences and symposia in the field of development,
  • actions aimed at supporting the people who participate in them in order to pursue their goals, supporting innovative development activities.
Methodologists and certified trainers cooperating with the Foundation have pedagogical and psychological experience in working with young people and people aged 50+. Experience is built on work for everyone education levels, constantly improving your professional qualifications and skills. The Foundation's project is addressed to people who want to broaden their professional perspective and personal in many dimensions, e.g .:
  • personal development,
  • working with a group,
  • life coaching,
  • eco coaching.

In the Erasmus + programs, the Foundation was a supporting institution and technical partner. Scope of projects:
  • promoting innovative solutions in social and vocational education of adults, with particular emphasis on older people;
  • activities that lead to closer cooperation and networking between organizations;
  • testing or implementing innovative practices in the field of adult education,
  • measures to better prepare and implement employees in the field of education and training who are able to meet the challenges in the learning environment related to equality, diversity and social inclusion.
Foundation volunteers developed, among others, a modern e-learning platform for learning English, scenarios for simulation games and e-learning exercises for learning speed reading. In addition, as part of the project "From childhood curiosity for cognitive maturity ”implemented by the Center for Education Development at the Ministry of Education, volunteers developed a series of educational games. The foundation has been running for many years The Holistic Trainers' School, thus educating many competent trainers and coaches to work with adults in terms of interpersonal, professional and developmental aspects.

A high degree of professionalism and a wide intellectual and expert base as well building lasting and positive relationships with stakeholders is the foundation of the Foundation's activities. It is important for the Foundation to act in a fair, equitable and honest manner due. First of all, compliance with ethical standards, avoidance of inappropriate behavior, disclosure of unfair practices. The Foundation cooperates with a creative team of significant scientific achievements and extensive practical experience. Its clients are institutions operating in various industries and spheres of public life: enterprises, public and private education as well as non-governmental organizations. Although the Foundation has been officially operating since 2014, it has had regular cooperation with several institutions.

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Spread Your Wings Foundation


VIOne Consulting was established in 2019 as a private company. We are focusing on the relation between identity, social-cultural integration and subjective well-being of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands.

Currently our interest concentrates on Imagineering, NFT technology, Quality of Life, Social Entrepreneurship, Innovative Education and Learning Communities. We participates in several initiatives, which are dedicate to developing Innovative Teaching Methods and Capacity Building & Social Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, VIOne highly committed to an e-learning project on design research & interventions.

Our purpose:

  • Provide constant improvement, sustainable growth and happiness to people and organisations.
  • Contribute to the worldwide awareness and innovation in the area of life-long learning and self-care.
  • Form motivational systems for implementation in civil society.
  • Achieve long-lasting impact on international level by integrity and collaboration.

On a national level, we are designing and facilitating workshops in the context of business development, organizational growth, team & personal development. The initiatives we develop and support bring back a forgotten concept - the concept that the individual responsibility, trust, care and philanthropy are of significant importance for the life in a free and democratic society.

The main target group with whom we’re working are adults and also with kids.

We have 4 employees and work with external experts, teachers, trainers, consultants and other part-time specialists on civil contracts depending on the topic and their expertise. We include volunteers in our activities also.

We are a member of LET HER IN Association.

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Centre for Creative Education


Institute for the personal development, entrepreneurship, coaching and Emotional Intelligence is a training company founded in 2018 focused in the attitudinal training and the improvement of human performance. The company works with clients with the aim of increasing their results both in personal or professional areas, developing techniques and strategies in the areas of coaching, Emotional Intelligence, soft skills and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

INDEPCIE trains persons, so both the individuals and their organizations acquire skills and habits leading to a continuous improvement. The staff uses the most advanced techniques in training to develop and achieve this ambitious goal as experts in team management, emotional management and motivation.

INDEPCIE learns from the experience gained by its staff, professionals with years of background in the fields of training and the development and management of transnational projects in the frame of Erasmus + Program. We have 8 permanent staff members and external collaborators.

We have a high social commitment and we work actively with different young and women organizations, disadvantages groups, chambers of commerce and NGOs under a triple focus.

  1. INDEPCIE pursues the personal development offering training programs to strength the self-knowledge, the awareness, the improvement of the interpersonal skills and the full development of the individual potential.
  2. From an entrepreneurial point of view, we promote the professional and organizational improvement through communication and interpersonal skills.
  3. INDEPCIE develops permanently its own training programs, endowing participants with techniques, tools and skills in the fields of human development, emotional and physical health.

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Akadimos is a private Lifelong Learning Centre educational institute in Greece designed to provide lifelong learning and training for all adults. The Institution offers training courses, workshops and seminars to help both individuals and organizations learn how to improve their skills and advance further in their careers. We operate in various fields to develop, implement, and provide high quality educational services by designing, developing, and implementing educational courses and projects in order to provide adults, seniors, youngsters, unemployed, workers and professionals with as many tools as possible in order to cope with the demands of the modern local and international labor market.

We believe in educating people of all ages, from youth to senior adults. We want to make sure that everyone has the chance to learn new skills and develop professionally. That’s why we work hard every day on providing high-quality training courses for diverse groups of people from different backgrounds across Greece. Since the beginning of its operations, Akadimos started using online courses to provide courses and trainings to people all over Greece. Nowadays, this strategy is followed by the massive number of educational institutions around the globe. Therefore, our Geographical reach expands throughout the country, aiming to European dimensions, through our participation in European programmes, as provided by Erasmus+ opportunities.

Akadimos is an educational institution where people can learn and be trained on various things. It provides an opportunity for students to study and learn from the best in their field, reskills and upskills their existing skills sets. It also offers opportunities to educators to work in a well-developed environment, and for society as a whole, to develop the country's human resource pool.

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VIOne Consulting


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