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The "SWITCH ON" project is an innovative educational program aimed at individuals aged 55 and over, designed to improve their integration and development in the work environment. The program consists of three main elements:

1. E - COURSEBOOK - a practical compendium of knowledge consisting of three modules:
   - Module A: Guidelines for coaching work in the field of intergenerational communication and management.
   - Module B: 30 class scenarios focusing on innovative methods and tools for personal development and social inclusion of people aged 55+.
   - Module C: Case studies - examples of good practices in age management in organizations.

2. POWER BOX - a set of 60 coaching cards, divided into four areas of work: integration, affirmation, development, and emotions. The cards aim to support the independent development of a 55+ employee, improve communication and integration in the work environment, as well as prevent burnout syndrome.

3. E–GAME ROOM - a free platform for creating quizzes, serving as a healthy competition and team integration tool, as a method of activating people aged 55+ during workshops.

The project allows for the use of the program both in a traditional (stationary) form and remotely, via an educational platform.

All project materials are available in five languages and are provided under an open license, allowing for their free use and adaptation to individual needs.

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