Empowering the 55+ Workforce: How the Switch On Project Fosters Inclusion and Adaptability in the Modern Labor Market

The Switch on Project is an educational program, devised by four European organizations, Spread your Wings from Poland, VIONE CONSULTANCY from Netherlands, INDEPCIE from Spain and AKADIMOS from Greece. Core aim of the project is the confrontation of the menace of the professional and social exclusion among Europeans aged 55+, in today’s modern labor market. 

The social and professional exclusion is a result of the prolonged isolation, due to the imposed lockdowns, forced by the emergence of the pandemic. 

Moreover, the Europeans aged above 55+ are facing difficulties of adjusting to the mandatory requirements of the modern labor market, established by the newly developed technologies and methods of working.

In order to fulfill and achieve the desired outcome of this educational venture, the partnership develop a comprehensive educational program and innovative educational materials, tools that will be able to promote and support the effective professional, social development and integration of Europeans aged 55+. 

The target group of the Switch on Project comprised of educational leaders, educational trainers, coaches, Human Resources specialists, employers and people over 55+, as well as employees who work alongside people over 55+ years of age.

The Role of AKADIMOS
As a member of the consortium and as an organization, we have been entrusted with the developing of an educational digital platform, within which there will be a service called Game Room. It will have the format of online team entertainment activity, capable of being used remotely by any potential work group. 

The digital platform, Game Room included, will not require any subscription, while being capable of enabling the development and creation of digital games and quizzes, like knowledge testing on various fields of expertise, like geography and sport for example. 

Through the digital platform, the units participating in the educational venture of Switch on, will be able to create their personal online game and will be allowed to resolve themselves on who will participate in these activities.

Preparing Results 
Through the Game room and the processes it includes, we are preparing the amplification of the promotion of the healthy rivalry and positive atmosphere, among any member of a potential work team and the achievement of the effective integration of multicultural and multigenerational members, inside any working environment. This procedures will also lead to strengthening of the relations between the members of a work group.

Moreover, through the activities that the Game room will provide, we are preparing the effective integration inside the modern labor market, of Europeans aged over 55. Additionally, due to the nature of the activities that the digital platform will provide, the effective interaction between the older workers and other, much younger employees will be achieved, meaning that the older Europeans workers will have more chances of including themselves, inside any potential team or work group.   

AKADIMOS Showcases SwitchON Project's Innovations with Flip Cards mini Workshop in Greece

AKADIMOS Leads Engaging Dissemination Event Featuring Flip Cards Workshop in Greece

AKADIMOS, the Greek partner in the SwitchON project, recently organised a compelling dissemination event to showcase the project's results. The event aimed to introduce the diverse set of resources and tools developed under the SwitchON initiative, which is tailored to support HR professionals, trainers, and coaches in enhancing the contributions of older employees in the workforce.

A highlight of the event was a mini-workshop featuring the project's Flip Cards. This interactive session allowed attendees to engage with these innovative tools directly, offering a tactile experience that demonstrated their practical utility in a learning environment. The Flip Cards were particularly well-received, capturing the interest of the audience and sparking discussions on their potential applications.

The event was met with positive feedback, generating enthusiasm among attendees and fostering conversations on how the resources developed by the SwitchON project could be integrated into Greek organisations. Overall, the AKADIMOS-led event contributed significantly to the ongoing dialogue about the importance of leveraging the skills and experience of older employees.

INDEPCIE holds successful dissemination meetings of Switch ON project results in Spain

INDEPCIE, the Spanish partner in the Switch ON project, recently conducted two outreach meetings to share the project's achievements. These events were designed to introduce the array of resources and tools developed by the Switch ON initiative. The aim is to assist HR professionals, trainers, and coaches in optimizing the skills and experience of older employees.

Attendees were given hands-on demonstrations, allowing them to experience the effectiveness of the tools firsthand. The events served as a platform for dialogue and exchange of best practices among professionals in the field, offering a fresh perspective on age diversity in the workplace.

The meetings were well-received, generating enthusiasm and sparking discussions on how the Switch ON project's resources can be adapted to meet the specific needs of Spanish organizations. Overall, INDEPCIE's events added a unique, localized dimension to the ongoing conversation about the value of older employees in the workforce.

Spread Your Wings Hosts Insightful Dissemination Event on SwitchON Project in Poland

Spread Your Wings, the Polish partner in the SwitchON project, recently held a successful dissemination event to present the project's outcomes. The event was designed to familiarise HR professionals, trainers, and coaches with the array of resources developed by the SwitchON initiative, aimed at maximising the potential of older employees in the workplace.

One of the standout features of the event was the focus on the ready-made workshop scenarios developed as part of the project. These scenarios offer a structured approach to various topics such as communication, team integration, and personal development, providing a comprehensive guide for trainers to engage older employees effectively. Trainers who attended the event emphasised how invaluable these ready-made scenarios would be in their work, highlighting their practicality and ease of implementation.

The event received positive reviews, generating a buzz among the attendees and initiating discussions on how the SwitchON project's resources could be incorporated into Polish organisations. Overall, the event hosted by Spread Your Wings added a valuable layer to the ongoing discourse on the significance of tapping into the expertise and experience of older employees.

Additionally, directors of Polish schools who attended the event spoke about the age-diverse nature of their teams. They pointed out that one of the main challenges faced by older employees is the necessity to adapt to digital solutions. This highlighted the relevance of the SwitchON project's resources, which include modules on digital literacy and communication, in addressing the unique needs of age-diverse teams in educational settings. The directors expressed interest in implementing the project's resources to help their older staff become more comfortable and efficient in using digital tools.

Dissemination events in the Netherlands

VIOne CONSULTANCY, one of the partners in the Switch ON project, recently hosted two dissemination events to showcase the project's results. The events aimed to spread awareness about the valuable resources developed under the Switch ON initiative, which is designed to support trainers, coaches, and HR professionals in effectively working with older employees.

Participants were particularly impressed with the Flip cards, one of the many innovative tools developed as part of the project. These Flip cards serve as a quick and interactive way to engage employees and facilitate learning, making them a hit among the attendees. Overall, the events successfully highlighted the practical applications of the Switch ON project's outcomes, garnering positive feedback and interest from the audience.

Positive Expert Review Highlights the Success and Versatility of the "Switch ON" Programme

An independent Greek expert has issued a positive review of the "Switch ON" programme, highlighting its diverse strengths. The programme, part of a European initiative, offers easy access to rich educational content through its three main products: E-COURSEBOOK, POWER BOX, and E-GAME ROOM. According to the expert, these elements confirm the programme's success.

The expert also noted the commitment and pedagogical effectiveness of the participating educational organisation. Their diversified educational approach facilitates understanding and practical application of the lessons, thereby enhancing the value of the programme for participants.

Furthermore, the E-GAME ROOM quiz platform was widely used and added a new dimension to the programme. It enabled easy quiz management and provided useful tools for monitoring participants' performance. The competitive element of the quizzes maintained interest and encouraged teamwork among participants.

Overall, the "Switch ON" programme was rated as an excellent choice for its target audience. The professionalism of the team and the integration with the E-GAME ROOM platform add value to the educational process, and all technological elements are user-friendly and reliable.


Expert Review from Polish Educator Highlights the Comprehensive and Innovative Approach of the "SWITCH ON" Programme

Expert Review from Polish Educator Highlights the Comprehensive and Innovative Approach of the "SWITCH ON" Programme

Sabina Kuczyńska, an educator and trainer from Poland, has given an overwhelmingly positive review of the "SWITCH ON" programme. The programme, part of the Erasmus+ initiative, aims to activate and motivate adults, particularly those aged 55 and above, in their professional lives. The project addresses the challenges posed by demographic changes and the shifting retirement age, focusing on managing age diversity among employees.

Kuczyńska appreciates the programme's theoretical foundation, which is rooted in the Resource Based Theory of Diversity Management. She notes that the project is backed by an extensive review of international literature and is implemented in collaboration with four institutions, including NGOs and a consortium. The exchange of experiences among NGOs from three countries has enriched the programme, offering a valuable perspective on best practices.

The programme features an E-COURSEBOOK available on a digital platform, which includes 30 lesson plans along with supplementary materials in the POWER BOX and E-GAME ROOM. These lesson plans cover various themes such as positive communication, conflict resolution, and stress management, and are designed to be versatile, catering to different age groups and specific user needs.

Kuczyńska praises the methodological development and substantive content of the activities, which employ modern coaching techniques and elements of personal development workshops. She highlights the programme's focus on self-discovery, communication, assertiveness, and action planning among other techniques.

However, Kuczyńska does point out some areas for improvement, mainly related to the user-friendliness of the material. She suggests that the programme could benefit from a more structured table of contents for easier navigation. She also recommends considering accessibility guidelines for future iterations of the project.

Overall, Kuczyńska's review underscores the programme's well-thought-out design, its alignment with the needs of its target audience, and its innovative approach to adult education.


Expert Review from Dominic Navikas Highlights the Versatility and Impact of the "SwitchOn" Programme

Dominic Navikas, the Founder of Youth Initiative Center in the Netherlands, has given a glowing review of the "SwitchOn" programme, designed to support individuals aged 55 and above who are at risk of social and professional exclusion due to extended periods of remote work during lockdowns.

Navikas commends the programme for tackling complex issues in an easy, innovative, and interactive manner. The Coursebook module, which includes job crafting and well-being lessons based on Dutch companies, is particularly noteworthy. It offers 30 lesson plans aimed at the inclusion of people aged 55 and above in non-formal education settings.

The Power Box material is highlighted for its interactive and engaging approach, which Navikas believes will improve the quality of the material and have a greater impact on participants. The E-GAME ROOM, a free learning platform for creating and sharing quizzes, is praised for its potential to integrate multi-generational teams remotely, thereby enhancing the quality and efficiency of learning.

Navikas strongly recommends the "SwitchOn" materials for wide use and plans to incorporate them into his own academic work. He believes that the programme will have a significant positive impact, especially in connecting more diverse people and improving the quality of education for the targeted age group.


Expert Alba López Recommends the SWITCH ON Program as an Effective Educational Tool for Individuals 55+

Alba López, a trainer and human resources staff member, has reviewed the Erasmus+ SWITCH ON educational program and states that it effectively meets its set objectives. The program is aimed at individuals over the age of 55 who are at risk of social and professional exclusion.

López praises the materials available on the website ( as very good and useful, especially for trainers and instructors working with older adults. The website is visually attractive and has a clear interface, although it lacks a Spanish version.

Regarding the three main elements of the program, the E-COURSEBOOK is rated as very educational and didactic. The POWER BOX, the second element, is particularly appreciated by López as an interactive and engaging way of teaching, which she plans to use in her work. The last element, the E-GAME ROOM, is a platform for creating and sharing quizzes, which is also praised, although the link to the site is not working.

The only suggestion for the future is to add a Spanish version, especially for the E-GAME ROOM - this version was added after López's evaluation. Apart from that, the expert believes that the materials are very useful and will aid in fostering intergenerational and intercultural cooperation within companies. The materials are very relevant to her, and she appreciates the work done by the SWITCH ON consortium over two years to create these high-quality educational tools.


Discover Key Tools for Professional Development with the SWITCH ON Project!

We invite you to read our latest article where we share our experiences from working on the SWITCH ON project. Over the past few months at ViOne Consultancy, we have focused on several key aspects that support the implementation of this project.

POWER BOX A set of 80 coaching cards in electronic version, divided into 4 areas: integration, affirmation, development, emotions. Our work on the POWER BOX was inspired by emotions, which are crucial in building professional relationships. In the cards, you will also find techniques and exercises related to mindfulness and gratitude.

E-COURSEBOOK An electronic manual for trainers, containing three modules: tips for trainers, 30 class scenarios, and a case study. In the E-Coursebook, we focused on diversity management in organizations and presented methods for managing diverse teams.

We can't wait to share these valuable resources with you! In the article, you will also find suggestions for further reading and theories explaining certain emotions, such as the five stages of grief or the four stages of forgiveness.

We encourage you to read the full article and discover how these tools can support your professional development and team management!


Striving for Excellence: Evaluating the Outcomes of the Switch ON Project

Within the framework of the Switch ON project, we not only create innovative educational tools but also subject them to thorough evaluation. Conducted workshops are a key element of this process. Through them, we practically test the effectiveness of the developed materials and tools, such as the POWER BOX and E-COURSEBOOK.

During the workshops, we observe how participants - including human resources specialists, trainers, and HR department employees - react to various methods and exercises. This invaluable experience allows us to understand what works best in practice and what needs refinement.

Our goal is to ensure that the final products are as effective as possible and tailored to the needs of a diverse target group. Therefore, each workshop ends with a feedback session where participants can share their observations and suggestions. These valuable insights are then analyzed and used for further improvement of our materials and tools.

Thanks to this approach, the Switch ON project not only delivers innovative solutions but also continually refines them, keeping in mind the real needs and challenges facing individuals aged 55+ in today's labor market.


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The first international partner meeting was held in the Netherlands on March 7-8, 2022. It was a great opportunity to discuss a shared vision of the tasks ahead and discuss the details of the Switch ON project.


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