The entire program will be enriched with multimedia material in the form of 30 MINDFULNESS video workshops - improving the quality of life and work. These will be individual mindfulness trainings and mind exercises intended for people aged 55+, who has difficulties with dealing with stress and negative emotions, experiencing them in their personal and professional life. This training will also be helpful for people in the pre-retirement age experiencing the first symptoms of depression.

The experience of the partnership, especially of the coordinator running the Holistic School of Trainers, shows that mindfulness practice helps to reduce the number of ruminations and alleviate negative effects of stress. The aim of those individual video workshops is therefore to raise the awareness of 55+ aged participants and to change their attitude towards difficult emotions from discomfort towards greater tolerance and acceptance at the moment they are experiencing them. Being a part of the development project, experiencing the process of change the participants can (it is even recommended) strengthen their work with help of a professional trainer or HR specialist with daily (or every two days) breathing and relaxation exercises.

The purpose of the video-workshops (each about 10 minutes) is to limit the role of the trainer/tutor to only controlling the educational process and supporting participants during the individual activities. Each of the 30 workshops will be provided with instructions (also for the exercises) from a professional trainer in a understandable way, so that even a person with lower skills in organizing their own classes / trainings can use them without any problems.

The participant will be able to use each of the video-workshops many times during the participation in the 3-month development program "Empower yourself", because they will be grouped according to modules: breath work, mindfulness techniques for working with thoughts and emotions, relaxation, mindfulness in everyday life. The participant will be able to go through each workshop on their own according to their own preferences or arrangements with a professional trainer / HR specialist. The material is aimed at including new forms of work with adults aged 55+ and at providing training and support, based on a.o. virtual mobility, use of information technology, flexible methods of learning and development.

Working with films is in line with the educational model for people aged 55+, which puts learners first, values their experience and strengthens cooperation between trainers and participants.

The mindfulness workshops will help the 55+ aged participants to:

  • reduce stress in their personal/professional life;
  • alleviate their tiredness and psychosomatic symptoms related to stress;
  • deal better with difficult emotions, pressure of thoughts, anxiety and worries;
  • develop the ability to concentrate fully on work and study to increase their effectiveness;
  • regain inner balance and well-being;
  • increase their self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-kindness (self-compassion).

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