Empower yourself E-Manual for professional trainers, adults and employees of HR departments.
The 3-month DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM includes three stages of cooperation with people aged 55+ in the pre-retirement period, i.e.


Starting the process, entering the program, consisting in finding 55+ aged employees, identifying the level of their satisfaction, their values and finally preparing a Map of Personal Change.

HR specialist / professional trainer will have the possibility to use the developed tools:
- diagnosis of the participant's satisfaction level at the beginning of the program and at its end - development of 2 proprietary diagnostic tools,
- diagnosis of the participant's value system - development of 1 proprietary diagnostic tool,
- Map of Personal Change (MPC) - in which the areas of work, training materials for individual or group training at stage II will be indicated.

TOOLS BOOKLET for professional trainers and HR specialists will be developed. It will contain 48 LESSON SCENARIOS: a set of innovative methods, techniques and tools used in non-formal education enhancing personal development of people aged 55+ - based on the best developed practices and the newly introduced activities. THE SCENARIOS WILL CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING MODULES:

MODULE A building responsibility for undertaken tasks, team work, working on values, how to express one's thoughts to be understood, communication between generations, sense of meaning, proactivity -take matters into your own hands, commitment increase - 24 scenarios.

MODULE B motivating as well as enhancing workers involvement, techniques that protect employees aged 55+ from professional burn-out, important rules for triggering high energy levels in 55+ workers, overcoming barriers and motivating - 24 scenarios.

Furthermore, the module will contain advising information, such as:
- How to keep the 55+ aged employee motivated to acquire new competences.
- "Employee experience" - which affects the experience of a 55+ aged employee during the de-velopment and change process.
- How to care for the well-being and attitude towards the employer of a 55+ aged employee throughout the entire cycle of his working for the organization.

TRAINERS WILL DEVELOP 2 DETAILED SCENARIOS FOR EACH TOPIC MENTIONED. EACH SCENARIO LAYOUT WILL INCLUDE: definition, profile of the group participating in the workshop, materials necessary to conduct the classes, tips for the trainer, a step-by-step course of the classes, the participant's own work/exercises.


Stage III: EMPOWERMENT, CASE STUDY - four good practices in working with people over 55 years old, taking into account job crafting and wellbeing, based on how Norwegian companies operate. Instead of empty marketing slogans, we show a real situation that can be confirmed by the third party. The experiences are for the coach/HR specialist to get inspired and implement interesting suggestions to their own work. Authenticity, storytelling and pictures are also an important asset.

The Case study will include: information about selected companies as well as needs and problems related to work and education of a 55+ aged employee, activities helping to solve the problems and meet the needs both of the 55+ aged employees and the company, wellbeing and job crafting activities and the final result.

The developed methodological concept can be reproduced and modified, which make it possible to use it also in work with other target groups (e.g. groups of people aged under 55 years). It can be also used in trainings aimed at raising qualifications or enriching adults with new professional and social competences.

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