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In the manual you will find:
- 2 tools to diagnose the level of satisfaction of the participant (at the beginning and at the end of the program)
- tool to diagnose the participant's value system
- Map of Personal Change (MPC) - indicates areas for further work in individual or group training
- Advisory information related to maintaining motivation and other work-related topics for people 55+
- 48 lesson plan for conducting workshops to strengthen the personal development of people aged 55+
- case study including information on selected companies/organizations/institutions related to the work and education of an employee aged 55+


The multimedia video workshop contains materials that allow participants in the "Empower yourself" program to work independently on their own self-development. The material includes, as many as 30 videos with transcription or voice-over, which support the participant in dealing with, among other things, stress, loss of motivation, discouragement at work, feelings of exclusion, etc.

The multimedia workshops can be compared to coaching development sessions, during which the program participant independently performs successive exercises. The material involves working on both the physical and mental zones of the participants supporting their holistic development and increasing their value as employees.

The material is very practical, as it includes not only breathing sessions and mindfullnes exercises, but also workplace-oriented coaching sessions. In this way, the participant exercises his mindfulness and learns to release stress nested in the body (breathing sessions), deal with emotions as they arise (developmental sessions) and eliminate the reasons for them (coaching sessions).

Breath - Clearing the mind

Breath - Relaxation

Breath - The inner strength

Breath - Harmony

Breath - Anti-stress

I will be happy when...

Choose happiness

What matters?

Feel the flow

Difficult interlocutors

Five rules for success

Good and bad for me

Stressful tasks

Constant change

Take the initiative

Take the initiative 2

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself 2

Mindfulness every day

Mindfulness here and now

Five mindfulness exercises at work

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