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Video full of emotions

Flashcards related to emotions deserve a dynamic video presentation. That is why we have prepared an advertising video presenting our cards. Some people say that cards make them fear... and that's the point! The cards are about emotions and are aimed at young people. That's why the graphics on them are modern and exciting. What can be seen in the video:

Disimination meetings

Explore the World of Erasmus Resources

We're thrilled to announce that the resources crafted as part of theFree Your Mind project are now readily accessible on open educational platform:

This treasure trove of free educational materials is offered in a variety of languages, always including English, and caters to diverse target groups such as teachers, trainers, HR staff, youth carers, and individuals like you. From lesson plans and workshops to educational films, audiobooks, playing cards, and articles, our platform is a one-stop destination for your educational needs. Whether you're seeking materials for personal growth or for institutional and enterprise use, everything is just a click away.

No registration, no fuss – simply navigate to the desired section and immerse yourself in learning. Some materials are even available for download, allowing you to enjoy them offline.

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International Partner Meeting in Poland

In Lodz, a meeting of project partners for "Free Your Mind" took place. Representatives from partnering organizations in Portugal, Macedonia, and Poland discussed the next phases of the project. The Polish partner showcased exercises from developed workshop scenarios, demonstrating the practical application of the crafted content and explaining their premises. The meeting reinforced the collaboration and commitment of the partners to the project's ongoing development.

Unlock Your Emotion with Your Move App

Discover "Your Move" – the app that will become your key to the world of emotions! It includes a youth handbook, a digital coach's library, and innovative "Milestone" cards, all available in four languages. Do you want to learn more about emotions, mindfulness, and priorities? Or perhaps you conduct workshops and are looking for tools to work with participants? The "Your Move" app is for you! Don't wait, download today and begin your journey towards a better understanding of yourself and others! 

Discover the Trainer's Digital Library

We invite you to explore "Body and Movement in Emotional Work" - the unique Trainer's Digital Library! In this extraordinary collection, you'll find 15 instructional videos (10-15 minutes long) that develop the ability to recognize, express, and regulate emotions. From expression, setting boundaries, working with tension, to massage techniques and breathing - each topic is covered in three videos.

Don't wait, discover the world of body and movement techniques but first watch the videos:

It's Workshop time!

External Expert Review - Mr. Herculano Andrade

Mr. Herculano Andrade – Graduated in Psychology, with a master’s in clinical and Health, postgraduate in Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, he also has a degree in Sociology. With specific training in formative education, as well as victim support. He has been coordinator in Braga for about 7 years, where he is directly responsible for Vocational Education and Training for young people and adults.

In the field of psychology, he performs clinical support functions, in an NGO, where he promotes and promotes strategies for children and young people with different problems, mainly school absenteeism. In this context, it is also responsible for the implementation and promotion of social projects, whose vision and promotion are social integration, health and well-being and employment.

He is an active member of the Elderly Protection Commission (CPI – Comissão e Proteção ao Idoso), an NGO that intervenes in the well-being and rights of the elderly in northern Portugal.
In recent years he has worked regularly as a trainer in Erasmus projects, in education, psychology and social, namely with groups of teachers, psychologists and other school leaders, from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Greece, Czech Republic, among other countries. He is fluent in English.

External Expert Review - prof. Monika Markovska

Prof. Monika Markovska – is a professor in the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Bitola with a doctorate in philosophy of management. Monika has a background of education in Management of human resources, Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship and she has managed to build her professional background well. As she has published many papers, thesis and original works she has built a reputation and especially in analyzing management methods, work methods and improvement of management quality.

In addition to her professional teaching status and position, Monika is also a part of the NGO “Evropska Gledna Tocka” in Bitola where she provides non-formal education to aspiring young people. Monika has participated in many projects, seminars and events herself and has been part of the organizational process. She is a leading trainer in the non-formal education sphere in Bitola.

Monika aside from her role as an educator in a formal space as a professor and in a non-formal space as a trainer has taken working roles as a consultant and mentor. She has been part of consultant and evaluation teams on many developed projects and businesses across the country and further. The professor is also fluent in communicating in English through her education and participation in many international projects and initiatives.



Creative commons licence

We would like to remind you that we grant a Creative Commons license for all results developed within the project. This means that you can download, duplicate, share further, and use them in your work.

Dissemination of Results

Our materials are available in the International Digital Resources Database. We hope that publishing the results in various databases will contribute to a broader use of the developed materials.


International Partner Meeting in Brcelos

The second meeting of the Free Your Mind project partners took place in Barcelos, where the main focus was on presenting the results achieved so far and planning the next stages. Meeting participants also discussed strategies for disseminating the project as well as rules for financial settlements and documentation. The constructive discussion paved the way for effective continuation of activities and successful expansion of the project's reach.

International Partner Meeting in Sthip

The inaugural meeting of the "Free Your Mind" project partners took place in Shtip, North Macedonia. This was a significant event where representatives from partnering organizations across three countries gathered to discuss the project's objectives and plans for the coming months. Given that it was the partnership's first meeting, ample time was devoted to discussing the project's planned outcomes.

Following the formal part of the meeting, participants embarked on a joint expedition to a nearby mountain and a tour of Shtip. The aim of this part was to foster and strengthen relationships between the partners, also on an informal level. This type of activity not only facilitated better acquaintance but also reinforced everyone's commitment to the project's further development.


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