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The Toolbook for trainers contains 30 lesson plans for workshop with young people. The scenarios are divided into 5 development areas - Modules. The scenarios are designed for HR professionals and trainers conducting development workshops with young people.

Module topics:

  • The material is divided into 6 modules, each dealing with a different important area.
  • Positive communication today and tomorrow in teamwork
  • Working with stress and negative emotions
  • My attentiveness and attentiveness to the other person
  • Getting rid of stereotypes and prejudices
  • Building responsibility for assigned tasks
  • Proactivity - take matters into your own hands
The material was described in such a way that the training tutor was free to decide which exercises he wanted to do with the group. Each of the scenarios includes a description of the course of the exercise, the materials necessary to conduct it, and instructions for the participants. As a result, the scenarios can be used even by people without coaching experience.

We will soon make the scenarios available for download in four languages.



The Toolbook for Youth is a material for individual training and is in the form of knowledge pills conveying the most important information in a very accessible form.

The material is an expansion of the issues learned by the youth during the workshops conducted on the basis of the scenarios included in the Toolbook for Trainers.

The materials are developed in 2 versions:

  • pdf fiche (in the form of an e-brochure) - this version is necessary for discussing tasks with the trainer, doing additional tasks or repeating those already done by the participant during the workshop with the trainer
  • mobile fiche implemented in the "Your Move" mobile application

The Toolbook for Youth contains material divided into the following areas:

  • attentiveness
  • emotions
  • priorities

Each of the 3 topics is divided into 10 lessons, consisting of e-fiche for quick learning on the topic. The fiches contain tips and various types of short exercises with simple instructions explaining how to do them.

We will soon make the above materials available in four language versions.



TRAINER'S DIGITAL LIBRARY "BODY AND MOVEMENT IN EMOTIONAL WORK" contains 15 videos developing the ability to recognize, express and regulate emotions. This is an original audiovisual material, developed in the form of short instructional videos (10-15 minutes long) supporting the trainer's work on the area of emotions. Their themes focus on body and movement work techniques that develop the ability to recognize, express and regulate emotions.

Selected TOOLBOOK FOR TRAINERS scenarios will refer to the digital library supporting the work done during the workshops. During each of the videos, the lead trainer will discuss in detail the exercise being performed, supporting the youth workshop facilitators.

Through appropriate exercises (some resembling gymnastics and others spontaneous expression of emotions), work will take place on tension, breathing, expression, boundary setting and other aspects of the young person's functioning. Some of the recordings include explanations of how to carry out a particular exercise with young people during the workshop.

Each of the following topics will be covered in 3 videos:

  • Expression
  • Setting boundaries
  • Working with tension
  • Self-massage and acupressure
  • Breathing
We will soon make the first recordings available for download in four languages.



The material contained in the TOOLBOOK FOR YOUTH intended for individual training will be additionally implemented in the "Your Move" mobile application. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play:

The "Your Move" app already contains educational materials developed as part of the Next Move project:

  • How to handle criticism
  • You can rely on me
  • Principles of good communication
  • Negotiations
  • Principles of effective group work



The cards support the trainer in conducting the workshop and teach workshop participants to express and communicate emotions in a way that is safe for others.

The cards have been developed in an electronic version (pdf files) so that anyone can download and print them in the necessary amount and in the language of their choice. For greater rigidity and durability, the printouts can be glued to cardboard (making the cards can be part of a group workshop).

The main purpose of the game is to discuss during the workshop the four basic emotions: JOY, ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR
and to improve the skills of naming and expressing them.

15 tasks/questions have been developed for each of the 4 sub-stages of emotions, along with graphics. Working with the cards, the trainer relies on projection and work with metaphor. This is because each image on the card can have a different meaning, which is dependent on the experience and experiences of the individual participant. The cards give a lot of space for one's own interpretation - without judgment from the facilitator or other participants. In addition, GRAPHICS on the cards can become a metaphor, thanks to which it will be easier for the participant to talk about his own emotions, difficulties, blockages.

The game is accompanied by a manual, which includes a description of the various phases of the game: from general to detailed. 15 tasks/questions have been developed for each of the 4 basic emotions.

We will soon make the BOARD GAME "MIESTONE CARDS" available for download in four language versions.

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