"Empower yourself" - motivational tools for supporting professional activity and wellbeing of people aged 55+ it is a complex developmental program, addressing the issues of social and professional exclusion among Europeans in their preretirement age, that is 55+.

The project will result in developing and distributing a program, which includes three stages of cooperation with people aged 55+: 


Fundacja Rozwi� Skrzyd�a

The partnership between 3 nongovernment organizations, with different scope of activity (Poland - Hungary - Norway), is thoroughly prepared to develop complex solutions for specific needs and abilities of particular target groups. The leaders of these organizations are people who have been involved in social and business activities corresponding to the topics discussed in the project for years.

Our Leaders

Bartosz Płazak
Bartosz PłazakFundacja Rozwiń Skrzydła

Beata Wawrzyniak-Chrzanowska
Beata Wawrzyniak-ChrzanowskaFundacja Rozwiń Skrzydła
Adam Chrzanowski
Adam ChrzanowskiFundacja Rozwiń Skrzydła
Zsuzsanna Pernyéz
Zsuzsanna PernyézHICS

Roma Kaczmarek
Roma KaczmarekFundacja Rozwiń Skrzydła
Sturla Bjerkaker
Sturla BjerkakerBLL

Tor Inge
Tor IngeBLL